Posted by: Amie | October 6, 2008

The Story You’d Never Hear

Today, as I was tooling around the blogosphere on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I stumbled upon this. I live in Indiana, which for those of you geographically impaired, is right next to Ohio. This story didn’t even hit our papers.

Apparently, on the 27th of September, two individuals attacked a young girl, spraying her in the face with a chemical substance (some say pepper spray) through the basement window of a mosque.

“The men didn’t say anything to her (before she was sprayed),” [Police Chief] Biehl
said. “There was nothing left at the scene or anything that makes us
believe this is a biased crime.”
– Dayton Daily News

Really? Not biased?

The police claimed it wasn’t a hate crime. Though
I really don’t see, logically, how an attack on a mosque, or spraying a
10-year-old girl in the face with chemicals while she’s attending her
mosque is anything but. I read the report absolutely nonplussed by the
blatantly nonchalant reactions of police.

I read a little further into the story, and found an email from a person who was attending the mosque at the time of the attack:

A passage taken from Chris Rodda’s Diary::

“The author was with one of the families from the mosque — a mother and
two of the small children who were in the room that was gassed — the
day after the attack occurred.

“She told me that the gas was sprayed into the room where the babies
and children were being kept while their mothers prayed together their
Ramadan prayers. Panicked mothers ran for their babies, crying for
their children so they could flee from the gas that was burning their
eyes and throats and lungs. She grabbed her youngest in her arms and
grabbed the hand of her other daughter, moving with the others to exit
the building and the irritating substance there.

“The paramedic said the young one was in shock, and gave her oxygen to help her breathe. The child couldn’t stop sobbing.

“This didn’t happen in some far away place — but right here in
Dayton, and to my friends. Many of the Iraqi refugees were praying
together at the Mosque Friday evening. People that I know and love.

“I am hurt and angry. I tell her this is NOT America. She tells me
this is not Heaven or Hell — there are good and bad people everywhere.

“She tells me that her daughters slept with her last night, the
little one in her arms and sobbing throughout the night. She tells me
she is afraid, and will never return to the mosque, and I wonder what
kind of country is this where people have to fear attending their place
of worship?

“The children come into the room, and tell me they want to leave
America and return to Syria, where they had fled to from Iraq. They say
they like me, … , and other American friends — but they are too
afraid and want to leave. Should a 6 and 7 year old even have to
contemplate the safety of their living situation?

“Did the anti-Muslim video circulating in the area have something to
do with this incident, or is that just a bizarre coincidence? Who
attacks women and children?

“What am I supposed to say to them? My words can’t keep them safe
from what is nothing less than terrorism, American style. Isn’t losing
loved ones, their homes, jobs, possessions and homeland enough? Is
there no place where they can be safe?

“She didn’t want me to leave her tonight, but it was after midnight,
and I needed to get home and write this to my friends. Tell me — tell me — what am I supposed to say to them?

“Mosque board member Tarek Sabagh said many people within the mosque
speculated that the incident was the result of a DVD about Islamic
radicalism titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”
that was mailed to area homes by its producers and circulated as a paid
advertisement with more than 70 newspapers, including the Dayton Daily
News. –
Dayton Daily News

Here’s the video:

The film was distributed by The Clarion Fund. According to their website, the fund’s main goal “is helping Americans understand that
the mainstream media is not adequately conveying the reality of radical Islam.”

As if we don’t already have a hard enough time in the United States being Muslim, but we have a whole organization with enough money from “private donors” to produce websites and films out to make us all look like monsters. Fantastic.

And no, I’m not one of those that believes all Jewish are evil and blah blah blah, but the fund’s founder is an Israel-Canadian, Raphael Shore, who is a full-time Rabbi and a film producer. I’m really sorry, but accepting anything regarding Islam from a Jewish Rabbi would be like learning about Black History from a Grand Dragon of the KKK – especially when Shore believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s media coverage is biased in favor of Palestine. He says that we should view casualties in Palestine different from casualties in Israel and says we should feel more compassion towards Israeli casualties, rather than Palestinian ones, as the Palestinians are the terrorists.

Hmmm…propaganda much?

This film was distributed as a paid advert in 70 newspapers across the country. Knowing my fellow Americans as I do, I’m sad to think about how many people will sit in shock and horror at the DVD’s content, and pass it along as gospel truth to their friends and neighbors.

The cherry atop the sh*t sundae: The Clarion Fund’s site boasted Pro-McCain slogans before it drew too much attention and were removed.


  1. I just sat in horror as i watched this video. I actually fear what would happen if this video gets distributed in my town. We already are on edge so much. you are so right, life as a muslim in american is hard enough, i can only imagine what is going to happen if they manage to get to distribute this video in more cities. the one attack was enough on innocent children, i fear what could happen next.

  2. Horrible, absolutely horrible!
    I guess America has indeed become one of those places where, as written above, “where people have to fear attending their place of worship”, and it breaks my heart.

    With your permission, will link to this post…

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